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Hey everyone! Spread the News of MaroonXStrokes

Maroon 5- She will be loved- will premiere on TRL in America on July 16th... REMEMBER :D

Also does anyone know which is the next single to be released by The Strokes, is it Under Control as i heard somewhere?!


2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

Remember to tell me if you take any, if u even wanted to (they r the 1st icons i've made :D) and give credit... !!! THE STROKES!!


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Hey where'd you get the picture for #10?
I think i got it from or
But it doesnt seem to be working at the moment.. U shld try it because my computer doesnt actually work very wel :P If u go onto its down the side called Galeria de Fotos or something.. and its really good has good pictures.. It will probably be under NME awards somewhere coz hes holding an NME award.. sorry i can't help more...
Home » Events » 26.02.2002 - NME/Carling Awards 2002 » Julian Casablancas

Thats where to go for that pic.. I shld just put the link... I think i will..

The next single is, "The End Has No End" and video should be on MTV by late August, says fanclub news.

This community is kind of awesome.
Yay! Im joining the fanclub soon.. when i work out how to set up paypal *rolls eyes*

I no!!
I took #2. i love em'.
dude, i know the bassist of the strokes...his little sister and i are like best friends and when i was like, a little person, he used to babysit me.