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Both Maroon 5 and The Strokes News

Marooon 5 News:

To all the Ukers, Sunday Morning is offically on the air on the Box - Sky Channel 449! Because it's First Play Friday they're airing it today and i was lucky enough to catch it. :D So far so awesome.

Photos can be found here > http://p067.ezboard.com/fmaroon5frm2.showMessage?topicID=8236.topic courtesy of UKMaroon5. =D

Also, you can see a clip of the new song on www.maroon5rocks.com called 'Can't Stop'.

I don't remeber if it's been said but TRL in the USA will be premiering Sunday Morning on Wednesday 17th November. But the video will probably be floating around the internet before then *fingers crossed*.

The Strokes...kinda:
Still in the UK, Regina Spektor is in the UK touring. The MetroLife reviewed her as:
Rather special singer and pianist from Russia via the Bronx, who will be known to fans as the woman who appeared on stage with them during their last tour to sing 'Modern Girls and Old-Fashioned Men'
She'll be playing as Bush Hall - Monday 15th Novemeber 7:30pm £10. But i don't think the Strokes will be there. But you can always hope! =P

There's also a special interview with The Strokes in this week's NME which came out on Wednesday in the UK. So get your copy now!
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