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I can explain!

Yes, I know... You can ONLY post about The Strokes and Maroon 5, and well what I'm sending here IS ABOUT THE STROKES! Only it's... fictional?! Yea, I just made the PERFECT FAN FICTION ever! And I so want to share it with you guys, I hope you guys won't mind... Especially the moderators... And even if you're a Maroon 5 fan, come and read it! There's nothing about the music in it, just some silly, stupid story that is seriously, AMUSING!

Title: Boys just wanna' have fun!
Who's in it: ALL of Strokes except for Al, or Niko. Either way...
Rating: Everyone!!! Please...
Disclaimer: Yes, it might be similiar to some crazy TV Show... (inspirational)
Feedback: That would be much appreaciated...
Cross-posted: My Journal and Strokes Fan Fiction in Yahoo Groups!


(SUMMER, Albert, JULES and NICK are sitting in the basement.)
SUMMER: "I'm waiting."
JULES: "Forget it."
NICK: "Just say it and she'll go home."
JULES: "Fine. You're right Summer, Monty can beat Schumi."
SUMMER: "Thank you. Now Al, call me tonight at eight o'clock."
ALBERT: "But that's when 'Chico and the Man' is on."
SUMMER: "I know, but I like it when you describe it to me. Oh, do your Chico impersonation!"
ALBERT: "I don't think these guys really wanna hear my Chico…"
GUYS, cutting him off: "Sure, we'd love it. By all means please."
ALBERT: "Alright. Looking goood!"
SUMMER screams.
SUMMER: "I love it, I love it."
SUMMER leaves.
JULES: "Hey Albert, quick question: why can't you date someone a little less annoying?"
ALBERT: "Like who?"
JULES: "What about Natalie Portman?"
ALBERT: "Nah, she's just as annoying as Summer."
NICK: "Yeah, but her boobs are huge!"
NICK: "Do you find that annoying?"
JULES and ALBERT stare at the magazine NICK is showing them.
ALBERT: "Carmen Electra! Now she's got some knockers baby!"
NICK: "True, but they're not bigger than Natalie’s."
ALBERT: "Yeah they are."
JULES: "Oh, you're dreaming, it's like comparing…"
JOHN comes in.
JULES continues: "Exodus and Duderotomy both of which have taught us very valuable lessons. Oh, hi dad!"
JOHN: "Damn dryer is broke, oh nuts, I need my vice-grips."
JOHN goes out.
ALBERT: "Have you seen Carmen in a two-top? It's like you're looking at the Grand Tetons! In a two-top!"
NICK: "Look, the issue isn't are Carmen's big right, the issue is are they bigger than Natalie's. Because Natalie’s are bigger then…"
MRS. CASABLANCAS comes down the stairs.
NICK: "The walls of Jerrico which as we all know, came tumbling down right! Hello Mrs. Casablancas."
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "Hi, uh, Jules, did your father come down here?"
JULES: "Yeah, he's fixing the dryer."
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "Oh dear, you know, ever since the plant cut back his hours, he spent all his time fixing things. Things that don't need fixing. Things I need, things I use, things I love. I gotta go hide the crock pot."
MRS. CASABLANCAS goes back the stairs.
NICK: "Sounds like your dad is loosing it."
ALBERT: "Jeez, he's like this now, he's gonna be a total head case when they shut down the plant. Just gonna be this pathetic guy …"
JOHN comes in.
ALBERT: "With breasts the size of watermelons! Is what Moses said to the Egyptians."
JOHN: "Albert, go home!"
ALBERT leaves.



JULES: "Casablancas has the ball, he fakes left, he fakes right, the crowd is on their feet. They're chanting Casablancas, Casablancas!"
ALBERT steals the ball and scores.
MARISSA: "I got winners."
ALBERT: "No, I gotta go, it's almost eight, I gotta call Summer."
Jules/Marissa: "Looking goood!"
ALBERT: "Shut up!"
JULES: "Cooper has the ball, Casablancas guards her closely. She tries to shake him, but she can't!"
MARISSA shakes him and scores.
JULES: "Cooper actually scores! Hell freezes over, a monkey types Hamlet!"
MARISSA: "One nothing. Losers out!"


MARISSA: "Cooper the underdog! Up by five. She fakes right, she fakes left, she fakes right then left, she fakes faking right and fakes left. Now she actually fakes…"
JULES: "Marissa! What are you doing?"
MARISSA: "Running out the clock."
JULES: "There is no clock!"
MARISSA shoots over him and scores.
MARISSA: "Sucker!"


MARISSA scores again.
MARISSA: "And that's game! Man what a slaughter! I just wiped the court with you from one side to the other!"
JULES: "I gotta go inside, but I'll leave a light on. I don't want you to gloat in the dark."
HE starts going in.
MARISSA: "Well, hey Jules, don't you want your balls back?"
HE comes back.
JULES: "Okay, now look, that's a little uncalled for."
MARISSA shows him his two basketballs.
JULES: "Uh yeah. Thanks."


JOHN: "Is this table wobbling?"
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "I, I don't think so."
JOHN: "No no, no no, it's definitely wobbling."
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "Honey, anything will wobble if you shake it hard enough."
JOHN: "Gimme a hand Jules, we're gonna flip this table over."
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "Honey, Honey, we're eating, we're eating."
JULES: "Yeah, just put a sugar packet under it."
JOHN: "Sugar packet? That's what's wrong with this country Jules. Nobody wants to roll up their sleeves and work. They're all looking for their sugar packet solution. Well, not me. I'm getting a saw!"
HE gets up.
JULES: "Mom, has dad gone crazy?"
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "I'm afraid so dear."


ALBERT: "Oh, Marissa beat you at basketball?"
FAB: "It is true Jules?"
JULES: "Yeah. Why, is that a big deal?"
NICK: "Of course not, unless Marissa happens to be, you know, a girl."
ALBERT: "Especially a girl you love!"
FAB: "You know, in my hometown, if a woman beats you it makes it want you!"
JULES: "Really?"
FAB: "Yes. But this is America, wuss!"
ALBERT chanting: "Wuss wuss wuss wuss, wuss wuss wuss wuss.."
NICK: "Albert, Albert, would you stop that? Wuss wuss wuss wuss, wuss wuss!"
JULES: "Wait, wait wait wait, what about Albert, I mean Summer has him totally whipped!"
FAB: "Whipped like the family pig."
ALBERT: "I am not pig-whipped. Where do you even get that stuff?"
NICK: "Are you kidding? Al, call me at eight!"
JULES: "Al, do your Chico impression."
FAB: "Albie, rub oil on my thighs while I spank you!"
THE GUYS are shocked.
FAB: "Please, someone else talk now."


JOHN: "I think we got it!"
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "That's lovely John!"
JOHN: "Solid as a rock!"
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "It sure is! Thank you!"
THE TABLE is tilted. MRS. CASABLANCAS puts a pitcher of lemonade and a glass carefully on the table.
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "Now, um, why don't you go watch TV while I get lunch ready?"
MRS. CASABLANCAS puts a cantaloupe on the table and holds it there while she reaches with her other hand for the knife.
JOHN: "Mrs. Casablancas, take your hand off of that melon."
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "You know, you haven't gone fishing…"
JOHN: "Mrs. Casablancas, take your hand of that melon."
MRS. CASABLANCAS takes her hand of the melon and it rolls off the table.


MR. COOPER: "Well, I gotta get back to work. Mrs. Cooper, this table is a little wobbly stick some sugar packets under it, will ya?"
The phone rings. MRS. COOPER answers.
MRS. COOPER: "Hello?"
SUMMER: "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!"
MRS. COOPER: "Marissa, it's for you!"
MARISSA: "Hello?"
SUMMER: "You beat Jules at basketball, how could that happen?"
MARISSA: "So, I beat Jules at basketball, what's the big deal?"
SUMMER: "Jules will never be your boyfriend if you keep beating him at stuff! Okay it is like in 'West Side Story', now, if Maria beat Tony at one-on-one, they would never have fallen in love. "
MARISSA: "Yeah, and Tony never would've been killed in that knife fight."
SUMMER: "And neither will Jules if you're not careful!"
MARISSA: "No, don't worry about it, someone will stab Jules. BYE!"
MARISSA hangs up.
MRS. COOPER: "Honey, I think your annoying friend is right."
MARISSA: "What?"
MRS. COOPER: "Certain things change."
MARISSA: "Jules and I have been playing games our whole lives. Now sometimes he wins and sometimes I win."
MRS. COOPER: "No, I mean the rules change. Women have to pretend to be weak and fragile so that men can feel superior."
MARISSA: "That's insane! If women don't wanna stand up for themselves, men will always control the world."
MRS. COOPER: "Oh, honey, men don't control the world."
MR. COOPER: "Okay, I'll see ya later."
MRS. COOPER: "Honey, could you open this jar for me?"
MR. COOPER: "Sure thing pudding."
After putting more strength in it, he opens it.
MRS. COOPER: "Oh, I'm so lucky to have my big strong grizzly bear around."
MR. COOPER roars and they kiss goodbye.
Marissa: "First of all, yuck! Second, things don't even work like that anymore. That's what the equal right amendment is for."
MRS. COOPER: "That's good to your use and your principles. And forty years from now, you can tell all your cats how you won a basketball game."


SUMMER is chatting on the phone
ALBERT: "Uhuh."
NICK: "Man, are you still on the phone? Come on let's go."
ALBERT: "I can't."
NICK: "Hey! The movie starts in five minutes. Let's go."
ALBERT: "I can't."
NICK: "Wuss!"
ALBERT, into phone: "Summer, hold on."
ALBERT puts his hand over the upper part of the receiver instead of the lower part.
ALBERT: "Okay, I'll tell her there's an emergency and I gotta go. She'll buy that, right?"
NICK: "Yeah, except for one thing."
NICK removes Albert's hand and places it correctly over the lower part of the receiver.
SUMMER hangs up.
ALBERT: "Summer, Summer?"
ALBERT looks for change in his pockets.
FAB: "Don't be her whipped pig!"
NICK: "Yeah, look, she hung up on you, let's go, you'll call her later, okay?"
ALBERT: "Yeah, she hung up on me! Let's go!"
THEY leave.
MARISSA: "Do you wanna play a hockey?'
JULES: "With you? Oh, I'd love to but I'm kinda tired and my wrist hurts and I think I'm coming down with the flu."
MARISSA: "Well, it's just as well, I'm pretty bad at it."
JULES: "You know, one game isn't gonna kill me."
THEY get up.
JULES: "Right, you serve first."
She serves and it backfires.
JULES: "Wow, no way you could stop that! That was going so fast you couldn't even see that!"
She serves again.
MARISSA: "I saw that!"
Sequence with most of the goals Jules takes.
MARISSA: "Well, that's game."
JULES is dressed as a woman, in a yellow dress.
JULES: "Oh it's, it's great."
MARISSA: "Are you okay with that?"
JULES: "Sure."
His chest inflates into two big boobs and he leaves.


JOHN: "Bingo!"
JOHN pulls the chair and sits in front of the table which is now too short…
JOHN: "Oh crap!"
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "No, no no no! Now, look, we'll get rid of these chairs and we will sit on the floor like those nice Japanese people in "The Last Samurai"!"
JOHN: "I'll have to make new legs for that damn thing. I'll be in the garage if you need me."
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "Okay, well now, you take your time and you do a good job. You call me if you need anything!"
JOHN: "Shh!"
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "I mean if you…"
JOHN: "Shh Shh! Is it me or is that refrigerator too loud?"
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "What refrigerator? John, there is no noise. There is no noise."
JOHN goes to the fridge and MRS. CASABLANCAS starts singing.
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "You'll be swell, you'll be great. Gonna have the whole word on a …"


JULES is shooting some hoops, MARISSA comes over.
MARISSA: "Hey nice shot."
JULES: "Thanks."
MARISSA: "You wanna play?"
JULES: "I don't know."
HE shoots the basketball and it goes in directly, not even touching the rim.
JULES: "Okay, why not. Alright games to twenty one, I'll take it out first."
JULES dribbles past her and scores.
MARISSA: "Have you been practicing?"
JULES: "Well, a little…"
MARISSA starts dribbling, but she does it really awkwardly. JULES steals the ball and scores.
MARISSA: "My goodness, what a super shot!"
JULES: "Marissa, what are you doing?"
MARISSA: "I'm loosing to you, you big strong grizzly bear."
SHE roars and looks like she shouldn't have done it.
JULES: "Marissa, you're intentionally throwing the game."
MARISSA: "I'm throwing the game?"
JULES: "Marissa!"
MARISSA: "I didn't want you to feel bad about loosing to a girl again!"
JULES: "Well, thanks, 'cause being pitied is so much better."
MARISSA: "God! I can't believe you care about this! All I did was beat you at a few lousy games!"
MRS. CASABLANCAS comes out of the Kitchen and hears most of the conversation.
JULES: "A few? No two, try two lousy games. Not a few, two. And I don't care so please leave my propriety."
MARISSA: "As long as you don't care."
JULES: "God!"
JULES throws the basketball at the garage. He sees MRS. CASABLANCAS.
JULES: "Have you been standing there the whole time?"
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "No, I came out to get one of your father's tools. He's in there working on my refrigerator! So I gather you and Marissa are going through a rough patch."
JULES: "No mom, we're in a school play about two people who hate each other."
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "Oh, okay, okay Mr. Smartmouth! But when you get older, you are going to realize that it's pretty silly to get upset about losing a game to your girlfriend."
JULES: "You know what? I don't wanna talk to you about this."
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "Oh, you know what? I don't wanna talk to you about this, but I will tell you one thing. Your father and I have played many, many games over the years and we never kept score and we always had fun. Now, what did I come out here for? Oh, your father's fixing my refrigerator."
MRS. CASABLANCAS takes a sledgehammer and hits some pipes with it.
MRS. CASABLANCAS: "John, honey, forget the refrigerator. There's something wrong with the garage door."


SUMMER comes in.
SUMMER: "Al we need to talk. And I'm over here!"
ALBERT: "Oh god, what am I going to do?"
NICK: "Well, you could, and I know this is a radical suggestion, but be a man!"
ALBERT: "You're right Nick. No more excuses."
FAB: "She will crush him, yes?"
NICK: "Like the spirit of your Mayan forefathers."
FAB: "My forefathers were not Mayan."
NICK: " Like anyone cares."
SUMMER: "So Al?"
ALBERT: "So, Summer? I didn't mean to make you hang up on me! I'm, I'm sorry, it will never happen again."
SUMMER: "That's okay, you were obviously under a bad influence."
ALBERT: "Yeah."
SUMMER: "I'm thirsty, Al, get me a pop."
NICK: "I'm sorry, I remember saying be a man, not be a wuss."
FAB: "I am ashamed to know you."
ALBERT: "Uh uh, uh uh. All those who are getting some, hands up. Anybody else? Getting some? Nick? Fab? Yeah."


MARISSA is shooting some hoops.
JULES: "What are you doing?"
MARISSA: "Just shooting some hoops, waiting for an apology."
JULES: "Well, when you think of one, I'll be glad to hear it."
MARISSA: "Okay look, we are both acting like jerks. I'm sorry."
JULES: "Yeah, I'm sorry too."
MARISSA: "You know, maybe we shouldn't play basketball anymore. Or any games for that matter."
JULES: "Yeah, maybe. End of an era, huh?"
MARISSA: "Hey, remember when we were eight and I beat you at wrestling? That was fun."
JULES: "Marissa, you sat on my chest and made me eat a clump of dirt."
MARISSA "Alright, screw it, you wanna just play?"
JULES: "Yeah, yeah, I do. Hey, you're not gonna make me eat a clump of dirt again, are you?"
MARISSA: "We'll see."


JULES: "Casablancas has the ball, he fakes left, he blows by Cooper."
MARISSA: "Cooper leaps on his back!"
SHE leaps on his back and THEY both fall to the ground.
JULES: "What do you want?"
MARISSA: "Gimme the ball!"
THEY continue to wrestle.
JULES: "Okay, foul!"
MARISSA: "So now suddenly, we're calling every little thing?"
SHE starts crawling.
JULES: "Hey, what are you doing?"
MARISSA: "Reaching for a clump of dirt."
JULES: "Don't!"
MARISSA: "Must reach clump of dirt!"
JULES: "Not while I still breathe!"
THEY start wrestling since they've reached a pretty awkward position with Jules on top of her.
MARISSA: "What?"
JULES: "Nothing."
MR. COOPER, (O.S.) : "Marissa!"
JULES: "Wait, you gotta go!"
MARISSA: "That's my dad!"
JULES: "Right."
MARISSA gets up and leaves.
MARISSA: "See ya!"
JULES: "Bye. Hey wait, who won?"
MARISSA, (O.S.): "I wasn't keeping score!"
JULES: "Cool, me neither."
Suddenly, the garage door opens and out comes JOHN.
JOHN: "Well, that was pretty sad Jules."
JULES: "What?"
JOHN: "Come on, I'm gonna teach you how to play basketball. We've got four hours 'til your bedtime. And we're gonna drill, drill, drill."
JULES: "But I thought that mom needed your help."
MRS. CASABLANCAS, (O.S.): "I can't hear you Jules, I'm ironing. Lalalalala."
JOHN: "We'll start you off with a hundred squat-thrusts."
JULES: "Dad, we don't even know who won."
JOHN: "She did. Now hit it!"
JULES starts doing them.
JOHN: "One, two, three, four…ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred."
JULES falls down in exhaustion.
JOHN: "Okay, let's play!"


SUMMER is chatting on the phone.
SUMMER; "Natalie Portman becomes this huge star, right? But Jude Law could not take it anymore. So he drinks and drinks and crashes his car. Isn't that romantic?"
FAB is the one listening.
FAB: "Say yes it is."
ALBERT: Yes, it is."
SUMMER: "Oh, I just love romantic movies, don't you?"
FAB: "Yes I do."
ALBERT: "Yes, I do."
SUMMER: "You know what would be a good romantic scene in a movie? That night we had by the reservoir, when we went skinny-dipping… Remember?"
FAB: "No, describe it to me."
ALBERT: "No, describe it to me."
SUMMER: "Al, you're so bad. Okay, the water was really cold. So, when I dove in, well you know!"
FAB: "No, I don't know!"
HER scream breaks the TV scene.


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