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RE: Maroon 5 in Monitor This! Magazine [14 Jun 2007|09:43am]


Hi guys, the link wasn't working in my last post so I thought I'd try again!!  Should work this time...

Monitor This! is going to do a cover story on Maroon 5 in August. They have the different choices of what mag cover they will use so you can check out the covers here:
http://www.brickfish.com/Pages/Comps/CompLeaders.aspx?scid=102&=M5leader . I like the ones where they did different things with the backgrounds – some of them are really cool!

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Maroon 5 in Monitor This! Magazine [12 Jun 2007|01:40pm]



Monitor This! is going to do a cover story on Maroon 5 in August. They have the different choices of what mag cover they will use so you can check out the covers here: http://www.brickfish.com/Pages/Comps/CompLeaders.aspx?scid=102&=M5leader.  
I like the ones where they did different things with the backgrounds – some of them are really cool!


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Maroon 5 in Late Night Concert Series [06 Jun 2007|05:47pm]


The Maroon 5 guys were recently on Leno and played both “Makes Me Wonder” and “This Love." Iif you missed it, NBC archived the videos.


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Interview With Maroon 5 [11 May 2007|01:56pm]

Recently my online magazine participated in a teleconference interview with Adam and Jessie from Maroon 5. If you'd like to check out the hard copy of the interview, please click this link below:


You can also take a listen to the interview by checking out the podcast we recorded from the conference by clicking this link below:


Please do not take or post any clips or content from our interviews. If you know of any great places to post these links, feel free to do so.
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I can explain! [04 Jan 2005|06:46pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Yes, I know... You can ONLY post about The Strokes and Maroon 5, and well what I'm sending here IS ABOUT THE STROKES! Only it's... fictional?! Yea, I just made the PERFECT FAN FICTION ever! And I so want to share it with you guys, I hope you guys won't mind... Especially the moderators... And even if you're a Maroon 5 fan, come and read it! There's nothing about the music in it, just some silly, stupid story that is seriously, AMUSING!

Title: Boys just wanna' have fun!
Who's in it: ALL of Strokes except for Al, or Niko. Either way...
Rating: Everyone!!! Please...
Disclaimer: Yes, it might be similiar to some crazy TV Show... (inspirational)
Feedback: That would be much appreaciated...
Cross-posted: My Journal and Strokes Fan Fiction in Yahoo Groups!

Click me, click me, please... Give me a chance... LOLCollapse )

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[19 Nov 2004|06:37pm]


Woo! Congrats to the boys who beat other new people in the European Music Awards which aired last night in Europe.

They were also up for Best Group and Best Song (This Love) but lost out to Outkast both times. Grr.

The full list of winners are:

Best Group: OutKast
Best Male: Usher
Best Female: Britney Spears
Best UK & Ireland Act: Muse
Best New Act: Maroon 5
Best Alternative: Muse
Best Album: Usher 'Confessions'
Best Rock: Linkin Park
Best R&B: Alicia Keys
Best Pop: Black Eyed Peas
Best Song: OutKast 'Hey Ya'
Best Hip-hop: D12
Best Video: OutKast 'Hey Ya'
Free Your Mind: La Strada

Also, Top Of The Pops was just on the UK with Maroon 5 miming to Sunday Morning which was pretty funny as Adam gave the mike to Mickey and you could still here Adams voice! and there was Ryan miming so he didn't put any strain on his arm/shoulder and there was a bit where Adam just couldn't be bothered to even try to mime and just swung the mike around. Gotta love those guys. :p I just hate it when 'live' shows try to pull stunts like that.
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Sunday Morning Video is UP! [16 Nov 2004|05:32pm]


You can offically see the NEW Maroon 5 video on the internet! It's up on launch here:

Also, in the USA, VH1 are already airing it and TRL will be premiering it Wednesday 17th November which is tomorrow.

Enjoy! :D
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Both Maroon 5 and The Strokes News [12 Nov 2004|07:14pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Marooon 5 News:

To all the Ukers, Sunday Morning is offically on the air on the Box - Sky Channel 449! Because it's First Play Friday they're airing it today and i was lucky enough to catch it. :D So far so awesome.

Photos can be found here > http://p067.ezboard.com/fmaroon5frm2.showMessage?topicID=8236.topic courtesy of UKMaroon5. =D

Also, you can see a clip of the new song on www.maroon5rocks.com called 'Can't Stop'.

I don't remeber if it's been said but TRL in the USA will be premiering Sunday Morning on Wednesday 17th November. But the video will probably be floating around the internet before then *fingers crossed*.

The Strokes...kinda:
Still in the UK, Regina Spektor is in the UK touring. The MetroLife reviewed her as:
Rather special singer and pianist from Russia via the Bronx, who will be known to fans as the woman who appeared on stage with them during their last tour to sing 'Modern Girls and Old-Fashioned Men'
She'll be playing as Bush Hall - Monday 15th Novemeber 7:30pm £10. But i don't think the Strokes will be there. But you can always hope! =P

There's also a special interview with The Strokes in this week's NME which came out on Wednesday in the UK. So get your copy now!

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hey, new here [11 Nov 2004|12:16pm]

[ mood | alright ]

Hey everyone I just joined. I'm glad I found this community because I love Maroon 5 and The Strokes. It's like it was meant to be...haha. Just kidding. Anyways, nice to meet you all.

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The End Has No End [10 Sep 2004|04:21pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Tonight at 7 on MTV 2 (Europe) The Strokes 'The End Has No End' video is on the NME chart... Watch it!


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A few icons [15 Aug 2004|06:33pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

As you may well know, The Strokes next single 'The End Has No End' is out  soon! Depending on which country you're from, but did you also know that Sophie Muller, who directed the video for this song, also directed 'This Love', and 'She Will Be Loved' by Maroon 5? See they have so many connections...

some icons I made just to show you... they are The Strokes...

IconsCollapse )

Thats about all,


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[07 Aug 2004|07:39pm]

Hi everyone. I just joined and I have to say that this community was a great idea! I love the strokes and maroon 5 and I never thought there would be a community for both. Woohoo!
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Friends Only [10 Jul 2004|04:49pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Ok.. I made some Friends Only Banners -

Friends OnlyCollapse )

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Icons! [09 Jul 2004|07:23pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey everyone! Spread the News of MaroonXStrokes

Maroon 5- She will be loved- will premiere on TRL in America on July 16th... REMEMBER :D

Also does anyone know which is the next single to be released by The Strokes, is it Under Control as i heard somewhere?!


More strokes icons!!Collapse )

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Memegen [13 Jun 2004|10:20am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey, Not many people have joined this community... ITS GOOD! JOIN!!! Too make you join here is a special Meme, about your Strokes info! I have a same one for Maroon 5, and some other random ones... click my name at the top of the meme to see more that i have made.. im sorry if the pictures don't work in some... It isn't my fault.. crazy computer...

What is your The Strokes information? by josie_rox
Whats your username?
You are more interested in:
You most like:
You are:
Your Song:Automatic Stop
Your Lyric:Kiss me now that i'm older, I won't try to control you, Friday nights have been lonely, take it slow but don't warn me..
Random Group Pic:
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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[06 Jun 2004|03:11pm]

[ mood | chipper ]


Welcome to the only LiveJournal Community dedicated to the rock bands Maroon 5 and The Strokes!

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